Centro Machiavelli, the Training Agency


Machiavelli – much more than an Italian language school!

A lively, responsive, vivacious educational hub where international students learn Italian whilst partaking in the best of the local culture, and where those desirous to pursue life-changing professional experiences are able to learn a trade, focus on a specific talent, or follow a dream.

Centro Machiavelli is much more than an Italian language school. Founded by a tightly-knit crew of devoted language teachers over 40 years ago, to provide foreign students with the opportunity to dive into the colorful idioms, heart-rendering phrases, and poetic allure of the Italian language, today it operates both as an educational meeting point for students from all over the world, and as a training agency.

The cutting-edge mission that makes Centro Machiavelli unique among all Italian, European and international language schools is its core calling: fostering and promoting the learning of Italian culture, comprising language, arts and crafts, to support comprehensive interaction between different cultures.

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An agency acknowledged by the Italian Minister of Education

A vocation, rather than a job, that animates the hearts and daily lives of the faculty and administrative staff, helps foreign students master the local language, and yields exemplary teachers too.

Endowed with a wide range of remarkable credentials, including the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, 10+ year association with TANDEM® International, and a vital active role in EC-funded education and training projects, Centro Machiavelli’s training agency is officially acknowledged by the Italian Minister of Education and operates as a consultancy and training organization for Lifelong Learning under the auspices of the Tuscan region.


The offering

Learning experiences devoted to future teaching staff

Among the learning experiences devoted to future teaching staff, the school provides avant-garde courses designed to provide tomorrow’s professors and schoolteachers with new techniques and approaches, alongside enlightening training internships that combine professional experiences in local companies of all kinds with traditional classes. All Centro Machiavelli’s classes comply with the guidelines established by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and, naturally, the proficiency levels applied are based on the Framework’s scales.

Language didactics make for a large part of the Centro Machiavelli Training Agency’s activities. Enabling future educators to master a variety of experiential teaching methods together with the school’s signature communicative approach, Centro Machiavelli helps tomorrow’s teachers polish their abilities, and deepen their commitment, by showing them how to develop a close understanding of the unique skills required to motivate students.

The Course to become Facilitatore Linguistico

The course devoted to becoming Facilitatore Linguistico, i.e. a teacher with deep-rooted culture-mediation abilities qualified to assist children, youngsters and foreign adults by supporting their educational and social integration, and the classes devised for those aiming to teach kindergarten and primary school, are remarkable examples of Centro Machiavelli’s critical role in the making of future generations.

Specialized in crafting teaching approaches that are able to lead the way into the future, the Centro Machiavelli Training Agency comprises a dedicated department – the European Department. This takes care of fostering, promoting and developing a variety of diverse EU-funded projects, including those designed to meet the needs and requirements of teachers, instructors and youth workers of all kinds, those hosted in cooperation with the Erasmus Plus Programme for Education, VET and Youth, and the exceptional Lifelong Learning Programme.

The latter actively contributes to the growth of high-quality lifelong learning, sustains creativity, language learning and linguistic diversity whilst enhancing the creation of a common, shared sense of European citizenship based on tolerance and respect for other cultures.

Whatever one aims to teach or learn, whichever skills or qualities one requires to hone and fine-tune, Centro Machiavelli is the place to do it.

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