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Learn Italian in Italy: the advantages

Why do thousands of people worldwide choose to learn Italian in Italy? Because it is a beautifully melodious, tuneful language, profoundly knotted to some of the most meaningful and pleasant things in life, from love and art to cuisine and music! And because studying it in its own country allows one to appreciate the nuances and significance of every single word, phrase and manner of speech. Among the countless students who yearly set off to master l’italiano, many decide to learn Italian in Italy, rather than in their home country, for the sake of speaking and practicing, of course, but also to enjoy a comprehensive culture and lifestyle experience.

learn italian in italy

Centro Machiavelli: Italian language classes for everyone

And this is exactly what Centro Machiavelli is all about: providing Italian language classes, including exemplary one-year Italian language courses in Italy, alongside authentic, and memorable, opportunities to understand and partake in the local heritage. Founded by a pool of proficient teachers in 1978, Centro Machiavelli has been contributing to global communication by sharing the Italian tongue, its lyrical terms and colorful expressions, with a vast range of students from all countries for over 40 years.

But the best is yet to come: Centro Machiavelli has just moved into brand-new headquarters within the majestic premises of a Florentine Renaissance palazzo. From now on, those who aim to learn Italian in Italy will have the privilege of doing so in freshly outfitted perfectly appointed classrooms and study halls, and even review their language skills al fresco, and with spectacular views of the Arno river, on the school’s exquisite outdoor terrace!

Learning Italian in Florence: the method at Centro Machiavelli

Located in the old town, steps away from Florence’s world-acclaimed museum and landmarks, Centro Machiavelli offers a vast range of classes and courses, all taught by highly qualified experienced and charismatic Italian language teachers who make use of the communicative approach teaching method. This technique allows students desirous to learn Italian in Italy to enjoy engaging, enjoyable and comprehensively enriching language classes that comprise simulation, real-life reenactments, and interactive activities, alongside the study of grammar and morphosyntactic structures.

A pioneering method that enables attendees to start practicing their communicative and sociolinguistic skills from the very start, ensuring that those who select Centro Machiavelli for a one-year Italian language course in Italy will learn to read, speak and write promptly. And splendidly.

Aiming to meet the needs and requirements of all who choose to learn Italian in Italy, independently of their country of origin, educational background, age and previous learning experiences, the school offers a variety of different study programs, all based on the guidelines as provided by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


Private Italian language courses

Private Italian language courses include individual programs and private classes for 2 to 3 people. Consisting of 50-minute lessons arranged in 10-hour cycles, private courses are definitely the perfect choice for students who wish to learn Italian in Italy. Or for those who need to fine-tune their skills, for work, study or cultural reasons, and prefer doing so on a private basis. Starting in January 2022 all individual classes will last 60 minutes, allowing attendees to enjoy an immersive experience.

Group Italian language courses

Group courses – all limited to a maximum attendance of 10 students each to guarantee safety, swift instruction, and careful attention to each student – include one-year Italian language courses in Italy. Lessons are offered in 9 different levels ranging from absolute beginner to advanced, and categorized based on the number of lessons and frequency. The Intensive Course, for instance, consists of 4 hours a day, the Semi-Intensive 2 hours a day, and the Super-Intensive 6 hours a day, all from Monday to Friday. Lessons are 45 minutes long, all Study Programs can be combined into one-year Italian language courses in Italy, and there are wonderful opportunities to pair the Intensive and Semi-Intensive Group Courses with cultural programs.


Italian 50 Plus Course

An example? The Intensive Italian 50 Plus Course encompasses the 4 hours per day classes plus 3 superbly planned guided tours per week, while the Semi-Intensive can be paired with art history classes…. both extraordinary chances to learn Italian in Italy and gain real insight into Florence and Italy’s artistic and cultural legacy!  

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Finally, at Centro Machiavelli we endeavor to keep our prices, both for private and group courses, reasonable, equitable, and competitive. We believe in teaching as a means to enhance and enrich peoples’ lives, and look forward to welcoming all those who decide to learn Italian in Italy!


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