Cagliari Cooking Classes: Courses with Local Sardinians and School for Future Chefs

There are plenty of popular things to do in Cagliari and around the island of Sardinia including of course relaxing, tanning, sightseeing, drinking and eating, but why not learn to to cook in Cagliari, Sardinia, too? If you choose not to take a cooking course to make the Cagliari main dishes yourself, then we definitely think you should try them at least! Some Cagliari typical food includes pani carasau: thin crispy flatbread served with olive oil and salt, burrida: dogfish with parsley and walnuts, malloreddus: gnocchi type pasta with saffron and tomato sauce and panadas: large pies filled with vegetables, meat or eel.

cagliari cooking classes

Chef Cooking School Cagliari

Largo Carlo Felice, 18

Unfortunately, there is only one cooking school, Cagliari and it caters to aspiring pastry/dessert chefs but if this is your chosen path, then you’ve come to the right place. This Italian Cooking School Cagliari focuses on pastry courses, both sweet and savory and chocolate courses.

Cagliari Cooking Classes

However, you have many chances here to take different classes offered by real local Sardinians in their homes as opposed to a school. A real authentic experience to make Sardinia typical food, like culurgiones, stuffed pasta typical of only Sardinia or visit the local fish market and create a seafood dish. Click the link above for the different course details and pricing.

Happy cooking from us at StudentsVille!