Sassari Restaurants, some of the best places to eat in

Now that you’ve settled in and have all your things ready for your new semester in Sassari, it’s time to find your new favorite food joint. You can find the best Sassari restaurants here on our page. You can find the best restaurants in Sassari in the list below, so put some money aside so you can splurge on some of the best Sardinian food you could ask for in these Sassari restaurants.

Eating out in Sassari Sardinia is going to be an experience you’ll love, cause Sardinia isn’t only famous for its fish, but also for the best pork meal you’ll ever have: Porceddu, oh how we love Porceddu, it’s a slow-cooked pig, with the best crispy skin you could imagine — We’re sorry if you don’t eat meat but we had to talk about it, don’t worry there are great vegetarian and vegan dishes as well.

So here we go on our restaurants in Sassari list, don’t forget that all the best restaurants in Sassari Sardinia are here on our page.


13.00 - 15.00 and 20.00 - 23.00 Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sunday

Via Alghero, 69

A beautiful fish based Sassari Sardinia Restaurant, a bit pricey but worth the cost. You’ll find all the best fish meals in the city.


13.00 - 15.00 and 20.00 - 23.00 Tuesday to Saturday, 20.00 - 23.00 Monday, Closed on Sunday

Via Frigaglia, 5

An amazing Italian style restaurant where you can eat all of the classic Italian dishes, a favorite is the Boar Stew. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


13.00 - 23.30 Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sunday

A beautiful location in the center of Sassari, where you’ll be amazed not only by the decor but also by the plates they serve you.


13.00 - 15.00 and 20.30 - 22.30 Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sunday

Corso Margherita di Savoia, 39


A cozy little place on Corso Margherita, don’t expect the Ritz Carlton, but no doubt you’ll eat so good that if you close your eyes you’ll imagine being there. They serve typical Sardinian plates, so once you know which one is your favorite, let us know.


20.00 - 23.00 Thursday to Saturday, Closed the rest of the week

Via Giovanni Marghinotti, 32

We can’t only show you one traditional Sardinian place, you also need to know where else you can go, at least you get to pick and choose. The owner is amazing and will let you feel at home.


12.30 - 14.45 and 20.00 - 22.45 Tuesday to Saturday, 12.30 - 14.45 Sunday, Closed on Monday

Via Arborea, 2b

A spaghetteria right in the center of Sassari, you can enjoy some delicious meals in a very comfortable environment, plus they have homemade desserts. You’ve got to give it a shot.


12.00 - 14.45 and 19.00 - 23.00 Every day of the week

Bastioni Marco Polo, 41, Alghero

Angedras restaurant Alghero province of Sassari Italy, isn’t exactly in Sassari, it’s closer to the airport in Alghero. You should give it a try once, cause their creative approach to Sardinian food is something to die for.