Sassari Cinemas, Sassari Theater, Clubs and Bar in Sassari

You can’t just study every day at every hour, you’re in a foreign country, and what else can you do if not join in the local crowd in some night time shenanigans. May it be going to the movies, having a drink, or even enjoying a nice show at the theatre. We want to make sure you find all the answers to your what to do in Sassari question.

As we were saying we want you to find the best Sassari Cinemas,  the most stunning Sassari Theater, and the most fun Clubs and Bar in Sassari. At least when you’re in Sassari Sardinia you’ll have a great time while achieving your goals.

Maybe you’re just going to visit Sassari, and if that’s the case you’re in luck cause at StudentsVille we don’t only offer apartments to whoever is looking, but also Sassari Hotel if that’s what you need. So, if you’re thinking about going to one of the Sassari golf clubs Sardinia or you’re still wondering what Sassari Sardinia things to do, we’ve got you covered.


Sassari Cinemas


Viale Umberto I, 18

The newest cinema in Sassari, enjoy all of the latest films out in the cinemas today. Alas, there aren’t many original language screenings. Look on the bright side, you can learn Italian quicker.


Sassari Theatre


Via Politeama, 8

Enjoy some classical Italian Theatre, in this staple Sardinian Theatre.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

The biggest theatre in Sassari, you can enjoy shows by some of the greatest composers and opera singers from the past and today.


Clubs and Bar Sassari


Via Torre Tonda, 46

Enjoy a great drink in the center of Sassari while having an amazing aperitivo, they say the fish here is to die for.


  • The Hor - House of Rock

Not available

More of a private club, but you can buy a membership on the spot, the HOR is the best place to see live music in Sassari.


Via Carlo Felice, 33

The main club in Sassari, they organize a lot of events all year long. It’s where the night comes to life in Sassari.