Sassari Events: the complete list of events in town

Sassari is the second largest city in Sardinia, rich in traditions and ancient festivals, historical monuments and places of art, surrounded by a beautiful area that reaches the sea.
In Sardinia you can eat the best food and feel the good vibes. Therefore, StudentsVille Staff has selected all the best Sassari events: food festivals, historical parades and much more.

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What's happening in and around Sassari

  • Thanks to Mibact’s initiative “Io vado al Museo” Sassari State museums open free on first Sunday of month. Anyway, there are many interesting events in Sardinia, such a beautiful and historical place.
  • The Rosello Fountain is the symbol of the city of Sassari, it was chosen in 1975 by the Italian Post Office as the most famous ornamental fountain in Sardinia. Built in late Renaissance style by Genoese workers between 1603 and 1606, with a public tax of a thousand shields, it allegorically represents the passage of time. You need to visit it and you also have to read StudentsVille list not to miss all 2019 Sassari events. Forget the question, "which are sassari events today?" because now you have all the answers.

Festivals, Commemorations in Sassari

  • Sardinian Ride ("Cavalcata Sarda"), Second last Sunday in May

Sardinian Ride is an ancient cultural and folkloristic event that takes place in Sassari, usually on the penultimate Sunday of May, which consists of a parade on foot, on horseback or on traccas (the characteristic floats decorated with flowers and objects of everyday life), groups from all over Sardinia. Participants wear the characteristic costume of the place of origin, often enriched by carefully embroidered and filigree jewelry.

The event continues in the afternoon in the city racecourse where horses and riders perform in daring parries and acrobatic figures, ending in the evening in the Piazza d'Italia with traditional Sardinian songs and dances, on the notes of launeddas and accordions, which last for most of the night.

  • Faradda di li candareri, August 14th 

Faradda di li candareri or just Faradda (in Sassari for Descent of the candlesticks) is the festival held in Sassari the evening before the feast of Our Lady of the Assumption (mid-August) and is the most important religious procession and most heartfelt by the population.

  • Essida de sos candhaleris, Nulvi (Sassari), August 14th

Sa Essìda de sos candhaleris ("The Exit of the Candlesticks") is a Catholic event with votive machines on the shoulders -called candlesticks- that takes place in Nulvi (SS) every August 14th in honor of the Virgin Assumption. In Sardinia the event is similar to those held in Iglesias (feast of Sancta Maria di Mezo di Gosto) and Ploaghe.