Living in ROME

Living in Rome
The Eternal City


When in Rome, do as the Students do

You finally decided to get on a plane and visit the capital of the Old World? Well, look no further, because we have all the information you need regarding Rome and all the things to do in Rome.

How many days should you spend in Rome? Difficult to answer: as many days as possible, more is more because there is so much to see and do in Rome. You probably have been dreaming of the Colosseum ever since you were a youngling, and now you have the prospect of coming over to visit the Eternal City, where all of the great Emperors have walked and ruled, all from the city of Rome Italy.

So how much does it cost to go to the Colosseum? How far is the Colosseum from the Trevi Fountain? How far is the Forum from the Colosseum? We have the answer, don't worry. Your dream will come true: if you read Studentsville's Staff guide,  you will have everything you need: when visiting the city you will need all the information possible that a tourist, or a student, needs when visiting a new city. With us at StudentsVille you’ll find all the info on the best hotels in Rome, the best restaurants in Rome, the best gyms, the best bars, the best accommodation, also more serious information on embassies and consulates, emergency numbers and banks, all of this in the palm of your hand.

We want to make sure that your time in Rome is unforgettable, so let us know if you’re in need of anything else, and we’ll make sure to help out.

So what must you do in Rome? You will find out reading Studentsville staff's suggestions. Culture, Entertainment, Sport, Food: everything you need to know about the Eternal City. 

Culture in Rome: Monuments, Museums, Tours, Exhibitions and Fairs

Famous as famous can get, these places are worth seeing at least once in ones lifetime. "The Capital of the World," has enough sites to see to keep you busy for a while and with good reason. The history behind the museums and monuments is never ending and you won't be disappointed to learn some.
Near Rome there is also Vatican City where you can visit the beautiful Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel.
Can you walk from the Colosseum to the Vatican? Oh no, it's too far but you can take the bus (number 87, 916).

Anyway, remember, if you are visiting on a budget, there are places you can visit for free. 
What can you do in Rome for free? If you want to discover all the beautiful hidden corners of Rome, you need to read Studentsville's recommendations because there are many free things to do in Rome. You wouldn't have time to breathe because Rome is a city rich in countless artistic beauties, so you're hardly going to wonder, "What should I do on my last day in Rome?".
But anyway we have an answer to that question too.

Sport and Fitness: Gyms of Rome

Health/fitness clubs & gyms in Rome are where you can continue to stay active and fit while studying or traveling abroad. has selected the top health/fitness clubs & gyms in Rome where...

Rome: Bars and Wine

You’re finally done with your study sessions in the “Eternal City” and now you feel like you deserve to find yourself going out in Rome, but where can you find the best wine bars in Rome? You’re in...

Go shopping: What is the main shopping street in Rome?

Rome is not only an amazing city where art, history and culture are concentrated, but also offers opportunities for shopping lovers. Discover our guide about the streets of shopping in Rome and you'll get the answer to questions like  "What should I buy in Rome?" or "What time do shops shut in Rome?"

Cost of Living

Before taking a trip (tourist or business), it is normal to inquire about the cost of living in the city where you are going to stay. Studentsville staff did the job for you, discover our suggestions.

Rome-in Around

Getting around Rome is one of the best experiences you can have and if you read guide it can be even better.

Entertainment: Cinemas, Theater, Clubs and Discos

Visiting a new city or studying abroad is not all site-seeing and studying.

Eating Out

Rome has restaurants galore - so we've narrowed it down for you. We know some of the most difficult decisions in life are deciding on which restaurant to go to, especially when traveling/studying abroad. Save the time and the arguments and take a look at what we've found!What food in Rome is famous for?Discover what to eat in Rome.

Rome Events

If you want to be informed about all the unmissable rome events.
StudentsVille staff has made a selection of all the events that will be happened in Rome “Caput Mundi”.
Read more

At night

Night in Rome is like day. In the districts of Testaccio, Trastevere and San Lorenzo you have the best nightlife. The area of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona at night is full of people meeting and socializing. Rome is full of discos and nightclubs, so it is a city where it is impossible to get bored. Discover the things to do in Rome at night.

Ice-cream parlors in Rome

In Rome there are many ice-cream parlors, so you can find whatever taste you want to taste: stracciatella, chocolate, lemon... If you don't want to miss the best "gelaterie" in Rome, you have to read our guide.

Pizza in Rome

Pizza is the Italian food par excellence, there are many pizzerias in Rome, we suggest the best ones.

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