Clubs of Rome: Dance the night away, Enjoy live Music and sip on Great Cocktails has selected the top nightlife locations and club of Rome. What we think are the most authentic and best clubs in Rome. When it comes to having a good time, knows how to party and what’s new in the club of Rome world. Whether you are into the club of Rome scene or you are looking for a Jazz club Rome, Italy, has found the spot for you!

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Things to do in Rome at night

Rome is a beautiful city during the day but at night there is a different energy in the clubs in Rome. If you love dancing, make one of these clubs in Rome, Italy your evening destination. will make you dance your night away at the best Dance club Rome. As the sun sets on Rome and the crowds go out to party, here you will find a list of the club of Rome full of exciting energy!

Take a look and check out the one that will give you the night that you are looking for!

Clubs and Discos in Rome:


Magic Fly

Via Bassanello, 15 B, 00189 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 06 3326 8956


Live Alcazar

Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14b, 00153 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 339 470 7650


Qube Disco

Via di Portonaccio, 212, 00159 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 06 438 5445


Goa Club

Via Giuseppe Libetta, 13, 00154 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 06 574 8277


Lanificio 159

Via di Pietralata, 159A, 00158 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 06 4178 0081



Via di Grottarossa, 175, 00189 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 335 658 1983


Ex Dogana

Viale dello Scalo S. Lorenzo, 10, 00185 Rome RM

Phone number: +39  333 865 4933


Discoteca San Salvador

Viale dell'Oceano Atlantico, 271, 00144 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 06 8881 7214



Via d'Aracoeli, 41/43, 00186 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 389 683 5618


Elegance Cafe - Jazz club

Via Francesco Carletti, 5, 00154 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 06 5728 4458


La Cabala

Via dei Soldati, 25c, 00186 Rome RM

Phone number: +39 06 6830 1192


Ice Club

Via della Madonna dei Monti, 00184 Rome RM

Phone number: 06 9784 5581