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Have you decided to go against the norm and visit or study in Urbino? If you are looking for apartments in Urbino then you have come to the right place.  Below we have provided a list of not only apartments and other accomodation in Urbino, but we have included single rooms in Urbino as well. We have found some wonderful apartments to rent in Urbino specifically for study abroad students and tourists on holiday.

Urbino is a small city with a strong sense of community. It is easy to day trip from and is quieter than some other larger cities in Italy. This is why we have included Urbino in our list of apartments in Italy. We love this beautiful little city that is near many Adriatic Sea Resorts and cities such as Rimini. Here you will also find hotels in Urbino, Italy if you are looking for something a bit smaller and perhaps for a shorter stay.

Are you looking to rent holiday houses and holiday apartments in Urbino? We have you covered. Just take a look below!  

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