Apartments in Prato Italy

Are you planning on taking a trip and want to rent a house in Italy? There’s nothing more spectacular than a vacation that explores the Tuscan hills and the amazing cities within them. We have a number of holiday apartments in Tuscany, Italy that we are happy to share with you. There is something about staying in long term apartments in Tuscany, Italy that throw you right into the Italian lifestyle and culture. Out of the many cities that we cover, here we focus on apartments in Prato, Italy.

Apartments in Prato Italy

Prato, Italy is known worldwide as Italy’s leading textile producer and is ideally situated near other well known Tuscan cities. This is why people may choose Prato, because it is a good home base, very small and quaint yet still rich in history, while still being very close to cities such as Florence, Siena and Pisa. Here we have chosen Prato vacation rentals for you and your loved ones to stay in and call ‘home’ while you are here. Prato is the type of city that you can easily feel comfortable in and adapt to immediately, whether you are visiting or studying abroad; exactly why we created a list of apartments in Tuscany, Italy and focused on Prato. It is easy to learn and the people are friendly. Not to mention, they are responsible for a delicious type of Mortadella and Cantucci – a famous type of cookie that originated here.

We have selected some homes for rent in Italy right here in Prato, that will meet all your demands. Prato might not be the most popular place to look for Italian rental properties, but we certainly think it’s one of the most charming. Take a look at our listings in Prato and if you decide to go in another direction, then feel free to look through our other apartments for rent in Tuscany, Italy. StudentsVille is here to help you find just what you are looking for.

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