University of Venice the list with Masters and Colleges

To study at a university of Venice or one of the colleges in Venice Italy, is to experience something unlike anywhere else. In one of the most visited cities, beautiful with its winding streets and canals, you will become immersed in culture here.

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To study in Venice Italy is to study in a major international center for education. Not only can you obtain your undergraduate degree here, but you can study in a university of Venice masters program. Also, here you can take most of your classes in English at English speaking universities in Venice.

English Speaking Universities in Venice: Courses and websites

Below we have provided you with a list of colleges in Venice  as well as universities, study abroad programs in Venice Italy and where to study art in Venice, Italy.


university of venice

Venice University: the list

Ca’ Foscari University

A very prominent university of Venice offering both undergraduate and university of venice masters programs. Ranked by QS as top 150 universities in the world for arts & humanities and modern language, top 200 for history and top 250 for economics.

For their full course list: Ca' Foscari University Course List

For courses taught only in English: Foscari University of Venice English Courses

Venice International University

A part of Ca’ Foscari University, this university is located on the island of San Servolo. Offering students, researchers and scholars worldwide, a unique opportunity to advance their education internationally. Focusing partly on climate change, aging, and urban growth, among other subjects.

IUAV University

Accepting students from all over the world, this university offers undergraduate courses in architecture, fashion design, urban design and more and graduate courses in architecture design, fashion & visual arts, city environment and more. Some, but not all, courses are taught in English. They also have single courses taught in English and partnered with language schools to offer courses to learn Italian.

Ca’ Foscari International College

One of the colleges in Venice, Italy that is an honors university college the combines courses with cultural activities completely in English.

Study Abroad Programs in Venice Italy

Not all study abroad programs are a full semester and it’s perfect for those that don’t have the time to commit to that. Take a week, or a month, and come over to Italy to study. You can even try multi-city programs and multi-country programs, as well.

Art courses in Venice

Looking to pop over for a short period of time to study art? Then these courses are perfect for you! Click above for more information.

For those with a strong level of Italian, there is the Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia, that have semester long courses from sculpture and painting to art direction and contemporary art and music.

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