Cooking Classes in Rome: How to Cook Italian Food and Local Cuisine

Cooking classes in Rome are an experience to have at least once in your lifetime. In this section Studentsville has selected the best cooking classes in Rome, Italy for beginners and professionals.

If you are a couple and you want to spend a different kind of evening, you can have a look and choose your favorite from the cooking classes that we suggest.

For beginners we have added some cooking classes in Rome that you can attend if you just want to learn the basics of cooking Italian food ( discover the complete list of the top cooking schools in Italy with cooking schools in English in Italy for English speaking).

StudentsVille selected cooking classes in Rome, Italy ( discover the list of the best Rome restaurants) that you can attend with friends to switch it up from your normal activities. In addition, we have selected the cooking classes for professionals that want to improve their skills in the kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a Rome cooking class to take during your time here. Listed below are some of the best cooking class in Rome to fit your needs.

Rome Cooking Classes in English

Cooking classes in Rome

Romeing Cooking Class

The best food and wine experiences in Rome by

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when it comes to being Roman, Romeing is the voice to listen to. Ten years after its foundation, Romeing is Rome’s leading online and print magazine in English. Not only are the articles written by locals and constantly updated, they’ve also used their connections to launch an ecommerce that offers the best tours and experiences in Rome. If you’re a culinary lover, wait until you book their cooking experiences. From learning to make artisan gelato in a gelateria near Monti to learning the secrets of making the perfect homemade pasta and sauce, from creating your own pizza dough and dining in a pizzeria footsteps from Piazza Navona to purchasing fresh produce at the market and then learning how to cook it, there are plenty of culinary experiences to try.


Gambero Rosso Città del Gusto

Via Ottavio Gasparri, 13-17, 00151 Rome

Phone number: +39 06 551121

The cooking school of Gambero Rosso offers professional courses that guarantee a high level of preparation thanks to the large number of practical lessons. You can find also amateur courses for all those who enjoy cooking.

Cooking Classes in Rome

Via dei Fienaroli, 5, 00153 Roma

Each cooking class is led by Chef Andrea Consoli, the school is located in the district of Trastevere, in the heart of Rome, you will experience a truly immersive, local way of cooking fine Italian cuisine.

Italian Chef Academy

Via Decio Filipponi, 15, 00136 Roma

-Italian cooking courses for Professional Courses for chefs are designed to practitioners of food and wine sector, through educational stages and laboratories.

-Availability to choose 3 different educational paths for a customized and modular level of knowledge for Professional Courses of pastry.

- Professional path of a Master in culinary arts.

Made in Italy School

Via Sistina 149, 00187 Rome

Phone number:+39 06 4201 6628

You can choose from a wide selection of  not only professional cooking classes of Haute Cuisine, Haute Pâtisserie, Restaurant Manager, Food Event Manager, but also Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Haute Couture, Jewellery Design, Shoe Maker and Car Design.

Scuola di cucina Pepe Verde

Via Quattro Novembre, 157, 00187 Rome

Phone number:+39 06 69204382


Cooking classes that offer at each student his own workstation and can cook alongside a professional. The Academy was founded in 1988 and has contributed with passion to the training of chefs and gourmets and offers cooking classes of various levels also for children and pastry courses. You can experience a restaurant’s working environment presented in your program. You will find a wide selection of courses for professionals to choose from.

Italian Kitchen Academy

Vicolo Scavolino, 64A, 00187 Rome

Phone number: +39 06 699 1113

An academy that is dedicated to a personal training designed to fit each inscribed students levels.

In Rome Cooking Classes

Corso del Rinascimento, 65, 00186 Rome

phone number: +39 388 364 6013

It offers private classes and shared classes in a historical 17th century residence equipped with a professional kitchen and a classic dining room. you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon with the courses of kids & family classes and enjoy your day with food tours.

Rome Pasta and Pizza School 

Cooking classes in Rome in english - Pasta Making

Via di Parione, 17, 00186 Roma

Cooking classes organized starting from scratch; Pizza Making, Pasta making and Combo classes.

Daniela’s Cooking School

Via delle Terme Deciane, 10, 00153 Roma

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just beginning you’ll develop new culinary skills with Daniela.The class lasts about four hours, and includes a visit to Testaccio market, the cooking lesson itself that will allow you to discover how to prepare traditional dishes from Rome and Southern Italy and a leisurely lunch served with the food prepared during the class, accompanied by a local wine for each dish. 

Cooking lessons are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm.

Corsi di Cucina Roma - Due cuochi per Amici

19, Via Scirè, 00199 Rome

Phone number: +39 366 259 1826

You will experience cooking classes for amateurs and professionals and you can find courses of pastry. The amateur courses are divided in levels from which you can choose from and the professional courses are divided in professional chef course, professional pastry course and professional oven pastry.