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Studying in Milan
The city of Fashion


What is it like to study in Milan?

In this page, you can find all the information that you need about to study abroad in Milan, what are the best Italian language schools and a list of the best International school of Milan. If you are interested in attending the University of Milan, or just you want to learn Italian and experience the dolce vita in one of the most interesting cities of Italy Studentsville has found and selected the best schools to learn italian in Italy!

In this section, Studentsville has found also all the information about  Apartment to rent in Milan Italy for students and about the American School Milano situated and then the most prominent British School Milano situated. In this section, you will find all the welcoming international school of Milan also for children with excellent exam results.

All the international school of Milan offer a warm and friendly community and offer the highest standards of academic care across the American school and excellent courses across the British schools.

So just relax and have a look at the list below and select the best solution for you!

Masters in Milan

Masters programmes of the University of Milan courses in English:

Master programmes included in the University of Milan courses in English provide the students with advanced education and for professionals in specific fields that want to study in Italy in english and require a high level of qualification at the best Milan College present in the city.

Schools in Milan

If you are looking for an Italian language school in Milan, is here to help you! If you want to attend your university at Milano, Italy or just learn Italian in Italy we found the best Italian language school in Milan so it is going to be a pleasure for you while attending your Italian language courses you can get a little taste of life in Milano, Italy.

Italy is a beautiful country famous for its tasty food and friendly people and Milano, Italy is one of the most famous center of fashion, design and business and it is a city that offers endless opportunities to keep you busy while you attend your language school Milan city center or not situated.

Milan Student Housing

Looking for student rooms in Milan? We are a dynamic service for students like you.

Cooking Schools in Milan

Looking for a cooking class in Milan? Want to learn how to cook Italian Food and local cuisine? Looking for cooking classes Milan, Italy for professional training or for beginners and private lessons held by Italian chefs? staff has selected the best Milan cooking class in town so you can just relax drink your glass of wine and decide which one of the cooking classes in Milan is perfect for you!


Universities in Milan

If you picture your study experience to be full of new and diverse cultures focusing mainly, but not limited to, business and fashion then Milan is your city. On this page you will find a list of universities in Milan, Italy and more specifically, universities in Milan in English. In addition to important university information, we have also provided some material regarding accommodation for the universities listed.


Milan is one of Italy’s multicultural centers that not only has a variety of people from various backgrounds living there, but also a great number of colleges in Milan Italy, that cater to a wide arrange of foreign students. You’ll find a great deal of fashion design colleges in Milan Italy - at the end of the day, it is also Italy’s fashion capital - engineering colleges in Milan Italy, private colleges in Milan Italy, and a detailed list of colleges in Milan Italy.