Where can I find a Laundry Lavanderia Self Service in Milan?

When you’re in a new country and find yourself in an apartment that doesn't have a washer and dryer what are you going to do? Don’t worry too much cause you can always go to a Laundromat, and fear not that Italy has its fair share of laundromats.

Especially the laundry lavanderia self service Milan Italy are pretty well kept for the standard. So if you’re looking for a laundromat in Milan you landed on the right page.

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Laundromat Milan: the list

Lavanderia self-service Milano

Via Alessandro Tadino, 6, 20124 Milano MI

349 314 2939

Lavanderia self service dell’Isola

Via Carlo Farini, 29, 20159 Milano MI

348 341 6144

Lavanderia Self Service via Gallarate Milano

Via Gallarate, 39, 20151 Milano MI

324 089 5895

Il Girasole

Viale Caterina da Forlì, 58, 20145 Milano MI

393 829 2165

Laundry - lavanderia self service

Via degli Imbriani, 55, 20158 Milano MI

339 191 1875

Lavanderia Ecolava Milano

Via Airolo, 36, 20159 Milano MI

011 582 2862

Lavanderia Self Service

Via Jacopino da Tradate, 9, 20155 Milano MI

339 529 9767