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Healthcare coverage and health insurance for Italy student visa, options for non-EU students. If you are a student from outside the EU, you need a health insurance in Italy for students, because yours probably is not valid abroad (interested in How to get fiscal code in Italy?).

You can either do an international policy from your home country or you can do a student health insurance in Italy for foreigners.

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Health insurance for Italy student Visa: what to do

You can also at your arrival in Italy can purchase a health insurance in Italy for foreigners (want to know more about Study and Visa documents in Italy?) at Generali Italia. Generali Italia service is a reliable and easy option that meets student visa requirements.

Italy student insurance

But if you prefer there are also other options apart from the public insurances in Italy, such as private insurances in Italy and also medical insurance abroad post office insurance.

Get your Fiscal Code

Students From Outside the European Union

If you already have health insurance and are from outside the EU, yours is not valid abroad. You can either take out an international policy from your home country or wait until your arrival in Italy to purchase one of the coverage plans below.

Health Insurance – Generali Italia – Welcome Association Italy:

Generali Italia provides health insurance for the entry of foreign citizens into Italy.

To obtain this coverage you need:

Extra UE.

  1. the entry Visa for Tourism
  2. the entry Visa for Medical Treatments (Companion)/Religious Reasons /Sports Competitions
  3. the residency Permit for Study
  4. the residency Permit for Medical Treatments (Companion) / Religious Reasons / Family reunification or Family member in tow / Pending employment / Scientific research

To activate Health Insurance, simply join the Welcome Association Italy and pay the membership fee and the premium.

Full Medical Coverage:

If you will be studying in Italy for an extended period of time, you may feel more comfortable having access to your own general practitioner, in addition to emergency care. The Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN) allows you to choose a doctor in your neighbourhood.

The only catch is you already have to have a Permesso di Soggiorno (Permit to Stay) to purchase this plan. Therefore, this option is good for students who will have a current Permesso and need to renew it in the near future.

The cost is 149.77 Euro for one calendar year (ending December 31st). This technically means if you want this plan in October, you’ll have to pay 149.77, for only 3 months of coverage, and then pay 149.77 again when January 1st rolls around.

Usually, but not always, the staff at the ASL office are lenient, and in this case would give you coverage free until the end of the year. You would then have to return after January 1st to pay your 149.77 to continue your coverage in the new year.

To obtain this coverage:

  1. Stop by or call the ASL office (Azienda Sanitaria Locale) before you pay for the plan at the post office. This way, you can check beforehand that 1) you have all required documents (they change often), and 2) if it’s close to December 31st and you don’t want to pay 149.77 for a few days or months of coverage, if they might give you coverage until the end of the year for free.
ASL Office
13 Localita’ Santa Rosa, Florence, 501
840 003003
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 08:00 – 12:30
Wednesday: 08:00 – 12:30,  2:30 – 5:30
  • Bring your passport and 149.77 euro to any local posta (post office). Cash only!
  • Press the letter on the ticket machine that corresponds to bolletini.
  • When your number is called, ask for a “bollettino postale” at the window.
  • They will give you a deposit form to put your insurance payment into the company’s bank account. Fill it out with this information:C/C n. 289504
    Intestato a: Regione Toscana
    Causale: contributo S.S.N. anno 20_ _ (year)
    Importo: 149,77 Euro
  • Pay the amount in CASH euros.
  • They will give you a receipt. Keep this! It will act as your proof of tax payment when you go to enroll in the plan and choose your doctor at the ASL office.
  • Bring the following documents to the ASL office (see address and hours in #1):
    • Passport
    • Codice Fiscale
    • Permesso di Soggiorno (either valid or expired with your appointment receipt to renew it at the Questura)
    • Receipt of tax payment you received at the post office
    • Any other documents ASL told you to bring when you called or visited beforehand
    • Snacks and Drinks (You could be waiting for several hours! Come prepared.
    • Something to do (a book to read, Italian homework, a smart phone to play with)
  • When you walk in the door, turn right and go to the end of the hall. There will be a waiting room and ticket machine. Take a ticket.