Codice Fiscale: why you need a Fiscal Code in Italy and How to Get One

How to get a “Tax Code” and why you need one. What is a codice fiscale or an italian social security number and how to get one.

During your stay in Florence, you will probably have to get a Codice Fiscale, an italian tax code like a social security number, even though you may not be subject to Italian taxes. It’s free and fairly easy to obtain (want to know more about Study and Visa documents in Italy?).

fiscal code italy

You’ll need a fiscal code in Italy for things like:

A) opening a bank or postal account
B) buying a Vespa (and every other motor vehicle..) in Italy
C) registering a vehicle in Italy
D) signing a lease for a flat (if the lease is going to be registered)
E) when taxing out an Italian Insurance policy
F) to take up employment of any kind (whether internship or paid)
G) to sign contracts with utility companies (gas, electricity, water, internet, phones, mobile phones, etc.)

Fiscal Code in Italy: how to get your Codice Fiscale

Bring your passport or National identity card to the provincial tax office in Florence:
Direzione Provinciale
Via Santa Caterina D’Alessandria, 23
Phone: 055/505141 
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:40 – 12:40; Tuesday and Thursday also 2:20 – 3:40

Ask for a Codice Fiscale form and take a number from the front desk.
Fill out the form (personal and address information). The form is all in Italian so bring an Italian dictionary!
When your number is called on screen, go to the sportello (window) displayed and give them your form.
They will give you a piece of officially stamped paper with your number (the card will arrive later by mail).

What is codice fiscale?

Codice fiscale is the Italian Tax Identification number which identifies a Tax Payer for the local Tax Authorities. This Italian Tax Code is formed by some letters of the name of the person and all his/her data (date and place of birth). Obtaining the Italian codice fiscale with the italian fiscal code card does not mean that you become automatically an “Italian Tax Payer” but, as said, it is necessary to be able to draft any kind of contract

Looking for Italian Social Security Number?

The Italian Fiscal code is also paragonable to the “social security number” given that it necessary to use the Italian Medical System.

Are you looking for codice fiscale generator?

If you want to create your fiscal code in Italy please use the following link; however, even if the fiscal code generated by the link matches exactly with the one you would have obtained at the office, in case you do need to use it you must anyway access the Provincial Tax Office (see above)

Codice fiscale application form

If you want to take an appointment with the local Tax Authority Office (or download the form to be filled) you can take a look at the following link: