City Info for Rome, Italy: Emergency Numbers, Consulate & Embassy Locations and much more

What are some of the first questions you ask yourself when moving to a city in a new country? Well no doubt you’ll find yourself wondering where you could find embassies, what are the emergency numbers, can you find your bank, what’s the public transport like and so on. In this page, we at StudentsVille are going to help you with all of the questions you have regarding the city of Rome, so look no further you found the right page to put an end to all of your doubts.

First thing every visitor should know is where they can find the Rome Consulates and Embassies? Rome being the capital of Italy has all of the Embassies you can imagine, you’ll find them mostly in the city centre, depending on where you’re from you can find yours. Keep in mind they are very busy.

Now if you’re problems are a bit more immediate than going to the embassy you’ll want to know the various Rome Emergency numbers in Italy (118 Ambulance, 113 police, 115 Fire Department, 112 Generic Emergency, 1515 Environmental Emergency).

Italy has a free medical status, so when it comes to Rome medical information, you mustn’t worry too much, if you’re coming from somewhere within the EU or a country that is tied to Europe in the Schengen deal you won’t need any insurance, if not you should look into insurance policies for students - they tend to cost from 70-200 euro.

Compared to Milan, the Rome bank situation is a bit more scarce, being that the city has more cultural and political value than economical, but worry not, because you’ll always find a Rome ATM that will work with your card, with tourism being a major market in the capital it’s rare that your card won’t be accepted.

The buses Rome network has over 350 bus lines and maybe it can get confusing to find the right bus. Here you can find all the information that you will need for the main buses Rome lines and some tips that will help to get around the city by bus.

Now let’s jump to the Rome travel to and from section. With its central location you can get on a train from Termini to wherever in Italy, so whatever is in your agenda keep in mind that you’ll find hundreds of trains leaving a day from there and Tiburtina. Remember Alta Velocità for long journeys, Regionali or Intercity to go around the region.

You might want to find a Laundromat, so we thought it would be a good idea to jolt down a Rome wash and dry list for you, just click on the Read More button and you’ll find all the info you need to keep your clothes clean, and use a dryer, because that’s not a thing in Italian households.