Pisa cooking classes and where to find them

Even though Pisa is an amazing city in which you can find some great food to eat, you’re not going to find many cooking schools, the selection within the city limits is quite scarce. But, that doesn't’ mean we can’t help you find some cooking schools near Pisa Italy, you’ll find some Pisa cooking school in our list, but most will be outside the city.

pisa cooking classes

Don’t worry you’ll be able to learn to cook in Pisa at some great Pisa cooking classes, but you’ll also have a wide selection of cooking class near Pisa.

Enjoy our list on Pisa cooking classes, and show us you’re creations online.

08.30 - 17.30 Monday to Friday
Via Milano, 24, Ponsacco

One of the biggest schools in the Pisa cooking classes area, you’ll learn to cook in Italy at one of the best-organized schools in the area.


Via Statale Abetone Rigoli, 54, San Giuliano Terme

A very homely environment you’ll feel the warmth of Tuscan hospitality at this beautiful location.


Villa Lucia, Via di Vorno, 165, Vorno

A bit out of reach, but worth the ride the Rhode School of Cuisine is an amazing spot to learn some local plates to show off when you get back home.


Via per Sant’Alessio, 3680, Carignano

Not exactly a Pisa cooking school, but more of a cooking school near Pisa, you’ll find this cooking school on your way to Lucca, so if you can take a day to visit the city and learn some Tuscan recipes!