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StudentsVille is a place where you can find just about anything you need to know when traveling to Italy. So, naturally, we want to also help you find a place to live. 

We know, it’s not always feasible to have an entire apartment in Italy to yourself, so why not just find one of our student rooms in Italy? This allows you to split the cost of the rent, bills and other living expenses. 

student rooms in italy

Some of our most popular searches are for student rooms for rent in Florence, Italy as well as student rooms for rent in Rome, Italy, as these are very popular study cities.

However, we haven’t limited your choice to only those two cities. We have rooms for rent in Italy, in cities such as Pisa, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Cagliari, and more! 

To give you an idea of how it works, there are a number of student accommodation Rome, ranging from student apartments for rent in Rome, Italy long term to a cheap room for rent in Rome, Italy

We like to give a nice range of the type of accommodations that you can choose from. 

You will find this same range of student and erasmus accommodation for all of the other cities that we cover, as well. 

After you have found something that you like, you can chat with the owner or speak with those that are looking for a roommate. Get to know your landlord or your future roommate before you book, and it’s really that simple! 

As a student accommodation website (but not only), we hope to provide those looking for student housing Europe, in Italy, with the best options for your, soon to be, time abroad. Explore our options and, when in doubt, feel free to contact us. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the city you are going to first, take a look at our cities sections and understand every inch of your city of interest. Which is the best cooking class? or where’s the best pizzeria? Where to get your masters in English? What are the best sites to see? What documents do I need to study abroad?  We’ve got you covered. 

Enjoy your stay in Italy with!

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