The Complete Sassari Italy Guide

Sassari is the main city in northern Sardegna and if you want to see how it is to live on in Italian island you’ve found the best location for you. It’s surrounded by beautiful beaches and natural reserves, but also it has many historical locations you have to see. Sassari Italy has been a city ever since the pre-roman era with the Nuraghi and Pre-Nuragic people and saw it’s downfall after conquest by the Romans.

sassari italy

Sassari Italy is one of the best-connected cities on the Island, and you can find flights to Sassari Italy from all over Italy and Europe, getting into the Alghero-Fertilia airport. Once you realize how close it is on a Sassari Italy Map, you won’t need to worry too much about transport from and to the airport. There is a really cheap bus that takes about 30 mins to the to the city, but make sure to get it on time, because it leaves every 2 hours.

You no doubt are thinking about studying in Sassari, and we don’t blame you cause it’s one of the best in Italy actually. At the University of Sassari Italy you’ll find great degrees in law, veterinary studies and agricultural studies, it’s considered to be one of the most prominent universities in the country when it comes to these subjects.

One thing we always suggest doing in Italy is exploring it as much as you can, and if you’re in Sardegna there are a thousand things to see, from the southern tips, the various Cale you can still find untouched nature in, the other amazing cities this island has to offer - like Olbia that isn’t that far from Sassari, you can do an Olbia Sassari Sardinia Italy in less than two hours by train.

Also, you’ll find a lot of places to stay at on our website, so if you’re going to be here for a semester and are looking for an apartment, no worries we’ve got thousands of those to pick from on our new and improved app you’ll be able to us to find all the best places to stay at in Italy - for now - and Europe - later on. But, if you’re not going to Sardegna for studies but only to visit you can also find many hotels to pick from like the Hotel Carlos V Alghero Sassari Italy, or maybe you can find an apartment in Sassari that doesn’t need you to stay in for the long term. It’s up to you, we provide the roofs, you pick them.