Studying in Padua

Studying in Padua
Sister city to Boston


What is it like to study in Padua?

A city in Northern Italy near Venice that has created a wonderful atmosphere for the study abroad life. Anyone that comes here can agree that this city welcomes you with open arms. It is small and comfortable and perfect for those looking to study abroad in a city in Italy. It doesn't have the overwhelming activity as some other Italian cities such as Milan and Rome.

You can really learn the city and live the Italian life while studying here. Take a look at their University and some cooking courses you can take for your time in Padua.

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University of Padua

The University of Padua history goes far back into the early years of modern Europe and is one of the oldest schools in Italy. The school was founded in 1222 by a group of students and teachers that came to Padua from Bologna to start a more liberal way of studying. So it would only make sense that...


The Cost of Living in Padua

Living the city is a unique experience, Italy is an expensive country and Padua is too, but the city is very beautiful and clean. Discover more about the cost of living in Italy and Padua, read Studentsville's staff tips.

Cooking Schools in Padua

For many people, taking a cooking course while in Italy is something extremely special and we think so, too! This is why we think you should learn to cook in Padua and its surrounding areas. This beautiful city creates a perfect backdrop to expand on the experience. Learn how to use the typical food in Padua...

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