Finding your Accommodation in Italy with StudentsVille


Accommodation in Italy isn’t necessarily hard to come by, quite the opposite actually, which is why, we wanted to find a way to guide you on how to find accommodation in Italy and make it as easy as possible to weed through the numerous options that are out there.

 How to Find Accommodation in Italy


We have done our research and made our connections in the most important cities all over Italy, for the sole fact of helping provide you with the best places to stay through a trustworthy channel. Here, you will find it all.

We know there are different needs and situations out there and the who, what, when, where and why differs between all of you. For example, we know that accommodation in Italy for students will have a different timestamp than that of weekend travelers or the necessary accommodation for a family will differ from that of a romantic holiday accommodation for a couple.

We offer not only accommodation in Florence, Italy but accommodation in Venice, Italy, accommodation in Prato, Italy and accommodation in Turin, Italy among many other popular cities. Here you can find accommodation in Italy for rent for short or long term stays whether it be an apartment, a room in an apartment, hostel, hotel, villas, or even an agriturismo. An agriturismo is a good example of an accommodation in Tuscany, allowing you to enjoy the countryside life near a major city and at an affordable price.

Rent a House in Italy

Renting an apartment in Italy with us, will guarantee the amenities listed, the best locations available, trusted photos, etc. Monthly rentals, Italy are very common and readily available.

However, we don’t only provide you with accommodation, but also a community that you can access whenever necessary to help with your travels. With city guides, restaurant suggestions and so much more, you have officially found your access guide to the Italian city of your choice.