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Accommodation in Italy for students, from Sicily to Milan apartment rental!

In this section you will find affordable and comfortable study abroad apartments.

Have you seen how much does it cost to live in Italy lately? Whatever your budget is we have selected by searching and improving and put up against our standards all the student rooms, apartments, lofts, & studios to rent, in order to offer you the best solutions for your stay in Italy.

In the sections below you will find apartments for rent in Milan, Italy for students, accommodations throughout the whole italian most important cities such as rental properties Bologna center city. Our accommodations in Italy have such affordable prices that you will feel like studying in Italy free of charge seen how expensive is Italy during the last years.
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Students Room in Italy

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Florence Student Rooms

AAAH Firenze. The Art. The Rinascimento. The Medici. The Arno. All things that won’t let you ever forget about the beauty that Italy brought to the world. A unique city that brought about the best minds of the past, from scientists, to artists all have passed through Florence, or as citizens or as tourists.


Bologna Student Rooms

Bologna is the truest Italian student city you’ll find. Not only for the number of students that come into the city from all walks of life and full of student room Bologna located, but also because the University di Bologna is the first university of the Western World. So you’ll be a student in the first university ever created in the west. But what to do in Bologna if you don’t have any type of student rooms Bologna situated to live in. That’s why we’re here don’t worry about it.


Cagliari Students Rooms

Cagliari, is the capital of the island of Sardinia, an autonomous region of Italy. Cagliari, Italy, is a city with a long history and under the buildings of the modern city there is a continuous stratification of thousands of years.

Upon your arrival in Calgary, Sardinia, you will need to find Cagliari accommodations to choose from. If you need a temporary short term Cagliari accommodations, you can find in this section of studentsville a large choice of student rooms Cagliari center city located, and if you are a group of friends and you want to share your student accommodation in Cagliari, Studentville can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

We have also selected a wide choice all around Sardinia, apartments for rent if you want to wander around the island and explore the beautys that Sardinia has to offer. In our site you can find also all the best cheap accomodation in Italy so you can enjoy to the fullest your stay in Italy!


Genoa Student Rooms

Genoa is the capital of the Italian region of Liguria and is one of the biggest cities of Italy. Historically the city of Genoa was one of the most important ports of the mediterranean and it is currently one of the busiest cities of Italy. The city has been nicknamed as La Superba (the proud one) because of its impressive landmarks and its glorious past..

In Genoa you can find one of the best universities that offers over than 130 degree courses in 11 fields of study and many of the courses are taught in English. Students can easily find  cheap accommodation in Genoa Italy, safe and budget friendly. The university of Genoa is one of the most valuable of the Mediterranean and the Italian north-western area and it is deeply interconnected with the city and it is economic framework. You can find campuses and cheap accommodation in Genoa, Italy and also in Savona, Imperla and La Spezia..

The Studentsville staff has selected the best accommodation Genoa Italy located, updated daily and with instant confirmation. Here you can relax and find the best solution for your accommodation in Genoa, Italy. Since the university may support international students in their Genoa accommodation research, but it does not guarantee nor reserve any kind of  accommodation in Genoa, Italy, Studentsville can help with your research and your rental agreement of your  Genoa accommodation.

Enjoy yourself in Italy with StudentsVille!!


Milan Students Rooms

Find your apartments for rent in Milan, Italy, for students or hostels in Milano, Italy the Economic city centre of Italy, where the stock market isn’t on wall street but in Milano Finanza, or maybe you don’t care about the business-business and you want to go on a little Aperitivo binge with your friends, while enjoying a nice light drink in the Galleria, or on the Navigli. Maybe you care more about culture and want to pass your days in Brera near the Pinacoteca, or go and see one of the best kept Italian Castles, The Castello Sforzesco right in front of the beautiful Parco Sempione.


Naples Students Rooms

Naples- student Accommodations in Naples, Naples student rooms, cheap student apartments Naples, studio apartments, hostels, lofts in Naples, cheap rooms to rent in Naples, Naples Bed and breakfast, student rooms rental in Italy.

Naples Student Rooms

Naples is the regional capital of Campania and it is a continuously built-up metropolitan area. Naples is one of the oldest urban areas in the world. In this section you can find Naples student rooms, located in the city also called the Grande Dame. A chaotic, surprising city where Studentsville can help you to find the perfect accommodation in Naples and enjoy your stay!

Studentsville has selected for you the best accommodation Naples situated, so you can relax whilst eat pizza, watch football, sleep and repeat in your students rooms in Naples.  The most of the city life takes place in the streets, so a perfect located Naples student rooms are the perfect solution for apartment - living in Naples, and live the communal atmosphere, where everyone comes together, the ideal solution  for Erasmus or Socrates students to make new friends!

If you prefer visit Naples just for vacation and you need to find hotels in Naples, the staff of Studentsville selected just for you the best hotels in Naples so you can dedicate your time in exploring the best parts of the city and enjoy to the fullest your vacation in Naples!

Enjoy your stay in Italy with!


Padua Student Rooms

Padua is a picturesque city with arcaded streets opening into large communal piazze such  as St Anthony of Padua. Often Padua is considered to be a part of the greater metropolitan area of Venice and Treviso. The Padua city offers cultural events, exhibitions, concerts in the center of the city and in the surrounding areas of Padua, Italy.  If you are a student, the University of Padua is a very nice place to take your degree from, where you can find not only a “serious studying” environment, but also a full of student activities life so you can enjoy your student life without ignoring how beautiful and enjoyable life is.

The cost of the life in Padua, Italy, is average, there is no problem to find student accommodations in Padua.  If you are a Spring and Fall semester student, we have selected the best cheap student apartments Padua center city situated and if you are a group of friends in this section you can find cheap rooms to rent in Padua and a wide selection of Padua student rooms for long and short time accommodations. Studentsville offers you a wide selection of student rooms rental in Italy, if you prefer to visit other cities during your stay in Padua, Italy.

If you are thinking just to visit Padua, Italy just for holidays or your family or friends are coming to visit you Studentsville staff has selected the best hostels in the city and the best located  Bed and breakfast, an affordable and comfortable option during your visit in Padua, Italy.  

Enjoy your stay in Italy with!


Palermo Student Rooms

Palermo - student Accommodations in Palermo, Palermo student rooms, cheap student apartments Palermo, studio apartments, hostels, lofts in Palermo, cheap rooms to rent in Palermo, Palermo Bed and breakfast, student rooms rental in Italy.

Palermo is one of the best cities to visit in the Southern Italy, of Sicily. Palermo is full of history, culture, architecture and here you can find excellent food and plenty of places for fun and entertainment.

Palermo is crowded of young people, among them many students and tourists, you will have no problem to find student accommodations in Palermo. In the historical center it is possible to find studio apartments or if you prefer to live in spacious apartments we have selected some lofts in Palermo,  and  the studentsville staff looked and selected for you through a wide selection of the best cheap rooms to rent in Palermo.

In Palermo,Italy, you will find the best mediterranean weather, student nightlife and music that’s why it is one of the largest cities of mediterranean to be among one of the top tourist destinations in Italy and Europe!.

Studying in Palermo it is a lifetime experience and Studentsville can help you in the hard choice to find the best Palermo student rooms if you want to share an apartment, or even cheap student apartments Palermo center city situated for for every budget, so you can enjoy your studying experience to the fullest.If you are a group of friends attending an Erasmus program in this section you can find the coolest student rooms rental in Italy if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to travel around Sicily and the whole Italy while attending your studies in Palermo.  

Studentsville can help you even if you are interested just in visiting Palermo, Italy, or just for a vacation. In this section you will find a large selection of the best  Palermo Bed and Breakfast choices that the city has to offer and a wide selection of the hostels of Palermo, Italy.

Enjoy your stay in Italy with!

For more info about student rooms for rent in Palermo contact:


Parma Student Rooms

Parma is a medium sized city that offers various Parma accommodation for all budgets, for long and for short term Parma accommodation. You can find accommodation in Parma, Italy, in private flats shared with other students, residential tourist or student accommodations in Parma because Parma does not own any colleges or residence halls to host Exchange students.

Studentsville staff researched in order to help you find a nice place to live in Parma student rooms or if you are a group of friends here in this section you can find a wide selection of cheap student apartments Parma center city located.

Studentsville will help you to find all the informations and support for both italian and international students as regards your arrival in Italy. As it concerns your stay here you can find all the best studio apartments, or even if you prefer, we have chosen the best lofts in Parma.Also in studentsville accommodation section, you can find a large selection of students rooms rental in Italy if you want to go around and visit the country.

Studentsville can also help you choose the perfect choice for you even if you are a tourist or you just want to do your vacations in Parma by offering you a large selection of the best  hostels in town. If you prefer we have also chosen the best Parma Bed and Breakfast all around the city!  

Enjoy yourself in Italy with StudentsVille!

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