The Complete Pisa Italy Guide

If you’re thinking about visiting about studying in Tuscany, one of the best towns that can cater to your student needs is going to be Pisa.

You probably know Pisa Italy, it’s one of the most famous cities in all of Italy, with the leaning tower of Pisa that everyone has seen in pictures at least once in their lifetime — fun fact the Pisa Tower is that way because when they built it one side of the ground wasn’t as stable as the other so as time went on the towers’ weight started to give the tower it’s notorious angle, also if you were wondering where is the leaning tower of Pisa, you’ll find it in the Campo dei Miracoli, that’s where all the main ecclesiastic buildings are, like the Pisa cathedral.

Now here you won’t just find fun facts on the leaning tower of Pisa, but also a great number of pointers and information that can help you with your semester in Pisa Italy, from all the best places to eat out, the best universities, where you can find some wash and dry places, and where to go catch a movie with your new friends in the town, but most important of all where you can find your next student accommodation in Pisa, because that is what we do best at StudentsVille, we make sure you have a roof over your head when you’re studying abroad.

So, once you find your House in Italy you’re going to start wondering what are you going to do in Pisa when you don’t have to study, so one of the things you can enjoy is the vibe of the city, even though it’s full of tourists, you will find a lot of things to do when you’re there, and most of them you can find on our pages that talk about Pisa. Another thing you can do it visit Florence because the train is pretty short and really cheap. Many students go from Florence to Pisa ( check My Pisa tour from Florence) to visit the city with Florence to Pisa train that takes about an hour, and there are a lot of trains that go back and forth every day. If you’re a student that’s in Florence and are here to check out some info on Pisa for a day visit, we would advise that the best day to visit Pisa would be during the week, because the weekend is crazy crowded with organized tours.

During your semester in Pisa, you might have family or friends visiting, don’t worry because we also have a great number of Pisa Hotels that you can look through that could be real close to you, plus we also have some nice and fancy Pisa hotels if that’s where they like to stay.

So always remember that we at StudentsVille, want to make sure you have a great experience in Italy that’s why we start from the first thing you’re going to need to be a semester abroad, we make sure you find all the apartments in Italy  you can.

And don’t be shy if you’re a bit confused by anything just ask away.