Sports & Fitness in Florence

Are you completely in love with Italian food and wine? Can't stop eating and drinking? Don't panic! Your health is not in danger!

Florentines (and Italians) take really care of their image and, for this reason, there is a wide variety of gyms and pools in town!

You won’t absolutely have difficulty finding one right that is right for you...

When you arrive in Florence don't waste your time... Find your gym, sign yourself to the coolest aerobics or Tai-Chi-Chuan courses and run suddenly to taste the best delices of Italian food...


Via Vittorio della Rovere - Ph. 055 450 244 - 055 451 789
Open: Mondays to Fridays, 9am-1pm and 3pm-6 pm.

As members of the University of Florence students are entitled to take part in its sports activities (basketball, athletics, volleyball, etc.). Some activities are free while others cost a small enrolment fee, which varies according to the activity chosen.

The sporting facilities are:
  • Palazzetto dello Sport Universitario
    Via Vittorio della Rovere, 40 - Florence
  • Impianto Polivalente Padovani
    Via Paoli, 21 - Florence

To join in any activity the CUS card is needed and can be obtained submitting:

  1. a document proving enrolment at the University of Florence.
  2. a medical certificate, not older than 1 year, stating the student's fitness to take part in non-competitive sport activities;
  3. two passport photographs;


It's time to choose a good gym!...
"I've gained a few pounds around the middle. The only lower-body garments I own that still fit me comfortably are towels."
Dave Barry


Football (Soccer)

Did You Know That...Florentine Football (Soccer), or Football in 'livery,' (a special uniform) was played in Florence for the first time in 1530 when the city was besieged by the imperial troops of Charles V to provoke the enemy, who believed Florence was already exhausted and yielding?



Did You Know That...
... Florence has over 40 swimming pools? Here are some of our favorites.



On this page, studentsVille serves you up some tennis love, Florence style!


Yoga centers

Want to find or maintain your peace of mind abroad? We've chosen the best Yoga centers in Florence where you can relax and welcome the different energies from the Sun and Sky

Other sports

Even if you don't eat, drink and breathe soccer, you'll find plenty of other sports to keep you active in Florence, from basketball to rowing, martial arts to car/motorbike racing, rock climbing to golf!
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Apartments in Florence


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