Rome International Schools, Private Schools, Language Schools and more

If you are looking for a Rome international school for you or your family or for a Rome international school where they teach the Italian language, StudentsVille is here to share with you what we’ve found.

We have selected the best international school Rome situated in and around the heart of the city. All you have to do is check out the official websites of each Rome International school where you can find all the information that you are looking for, including all Rome International school fees, addresses and course offerings.

Marymount International School Rome is a private catholic school for children in which English is the language of instruction. If you are looking for a Primary Years Programme (PYP) the Ambrit international school of Rome could also be a good option for you or your children.

In this section you will find all that you need for you and for your children’s education in Rome:

rome internationational school


Schools for Children (ages 3-18):


Rome International School

Via Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi, 137, 00135 Roma



Marymount International School Rome

Scuola privata in Italia

Via di Villa Lauchli, 180, 00191 Roma


St. Stephen’s School

Via Aventina, 3, 00153 Roma


The New School Rome

                                                   Scuola privata a Roma, Italia

                                                   Via della Camilluccia, 669, 00135 Rom


American Overseas School Of Rome

Scuola privata a Roma,

Via Cassia, 811, 00189 Roma



Ambrit International School

Scuola privata a Roma

Via Filippo Tajani, 50, 00149 Roma


St. Francis International School

Scuola a Roma

Via delle Benedettine, 50/B, 00135 Roma


St.George’s British International School

Scuola internazionale a Roma

Via Cassia km16, La Storta, 00123 Roma


Language Schools:


                                        Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 184, 00186 Roma

Italiaidea is located in the center of Rome, a minute’s walk away from Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori. An Italian language  school of quality and tradition where you can find a carefully developed, fun, and effective Italian course perfectly suited to your your needs: Intensive or Semi-Intensive group courses; One-to-One courses and Exclusive Art Walks; courses for Italian language certification. In addition you can choose to attend some of the school’s many extracurricular activities: walks in Rome, museum visits, trips out of town, happy hours, sports games and wine tasting.


Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Roma

Scuola di lingue a Roma

Piazza dell’Orologio, 7, 00186 Roma


Accademia StudioItalia

Scuola di lingue a Roma

Via Tibullo, 16, 00193 Roma


Dilit International House

Scuola di lingue a Roma,

Via Marghera, 22, 00185 Roma

University Level Schools:


British School at Rome

Via Antonio Gramsci, 61, 00197 Roma


European School of Economics, Rome

Facoltà di economia a Roma

Via della Cordonata, 7, 00187 Roma


Rome Business School

Facoltà di economia a Roma

Via degli Scialoja, 18, 00196 Roma


School of Aerospace Engineering, University Of Rome “La Sapienza”

Via Salaria, 875, 00191 Roma


Swiss School of Management

Università a Roma

Fa parte di: Università di Washington

Piazza del Biscione, 95, 00186 Roma


Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici

36 Departments and 600 courses for BA and Masters degrees

Locations in Rome, Tuscania & Florence

Main Office: Via Faenza, 43 Florence


Cooking Schools:


Scuole di cucina

Cooking Classes in Rome

Via dei Fienaroli, 5, 00153 Roma