Pisa Events: the complete list of events in town

Pisa, known worldwide for its leaning tower, was once an important maritime republic and is now home to three important Universities: the University of Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore and Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies.
Therefore it is a city full of life, and youth and you need a calendar of all Pisa events: art exhibitions, concerts, festivals and so on.
StudentsVille Staff has selected the most important things in town: on this page, you will read 2020 Pisa events and much more and you will always have an answer to the question, "Which are the Pisa events today?".

What's happening in Pisa, Italy

  • Thanks to Mibact’s initiative “Io vado al Museo” Pisa State museums open free on the first Sunday of the month
  • The walls: the city is still surrounded by the ancient city walls, which have remained intact except for a few stretches to the south and west. The atmosphere is always magic. Discover all Pisa events today.

Best Art, Photo Exhibitions in Pisa

  • Images from Italy’s fascist era. Pisa and the fascist regime (1922-1943), Palazzo Blu, 22 October 2022 - 26 March 2023

Thanks to two hundred images from the Allegrini archives, the photographic exhibition, "Images from Italy’s fascist era. Pisa and the fascist regime (1922-1943)", recounts the different aspects of the life of the city's society during the era of fascism.
Discover more about it, Images from Italy’s fascist era. Pisa and the fascist regime (1922-1943) at Palazzo Blu.

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Concerts in Pisa

  • Adam Green + Francesco Mandelli, Lumiere, 17 March 2023

The friendship between Adam Green and Francesco Mandelli is a friendship that has lasted for more than a decade and has given rise to new, exceptional and unexpected musical experiences. In mid-March, the histrionic American musician and our Francesco Mandelli will play live at Lumiere in Pisa. It is not the first time: the duo has already come together on stage, both in Italy and abroad, to give life to a passionate, lively and exciting musical-theatrical show.
Buy the tickets for Adam Green + Francesco Mandelli's concert.

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Festivals, Commemorations

  • Luminara, June 16th 2023

"Luminara" of San Ranieri (vernacular of Pisa for "luminaria") is a city festival that takes place in Pisa on the evening of June 16 of each year, the eve of San Ranieri, patron saint of the city. It is part of the celebrations of June in Pisa.

  • Game of the Bridge, June 2023

Every last Saturday of June twelve teams of twenty players each face each other pushing with force (using their legs and neck but not their arms) a heavy trolley that runs on rails, positioned in the middle of the Middle Bridge. The objective is to advance until the flag of the enemy faction falls. The Game of the Bridge includes six fights and the eventual playoff.