Permesso Di Soggiorno Di Studio in Italy

How to obtain the Italian Permesso di Soggiorno or “Permit to Stay,” for Non-European Union citizens. If you are from outside the EU and studying for a period longer than 90 days, after you have applied for and obtained your student visa in your home country, you have to request a permesso di soggiorno Italy, within 8 days of your arrival in Italy. It declares your legal presence to the Questura (Police Headquarters).

Below we have included all the necessary steps and information you will have to know for an italian permesso di soggiorno including the permesso di soggiorno photo size and all of the permesso di soggiorno documents that you will need.

permesso di soggiorno Italy

All of the documents for permesso di soggiorno you should already have in your possession, you are just required to make the photocopies indicated below.

Here we will tell you exactly how to apply for permesso di soggiorno, step by step, this way you will face less difficulty getting your permit to stay Italy. After you have applied for your permesso di soggiorno, you will follow the steps on how to get permesso di soggiorno.

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How to apply for permesso di soggiorno and how to fill it

  1. Go to a posta (post office), press letter “F” on the ticket machine, wait until your “F” number is called, and ask for the “Kit di Permesso di Soggiorno” at the window. They will give you permesso di soggiorno application a large envelope.
  2. Go home, and fill out the paperwork in the envelope (information about your visa, passport, residence in your home country and residence in Italy). Leave the pages blank that pertain to working or bringing family abroad.*Tip: If you complete steps 3 and 4 in advance, you can fill out the packet, stick on the tax stamp, add your photocopied documents, and skip directly to step 5 without ever leaving the post office
  3. Buy a “Marco da Bollo” (tax tamp) from any Tabacchi (Tobacco Shop) around town. They cost 14,62 euros. Stick it on the first page of “Modulo 1” inside your Permesso Kit. (There’s a rectangular outline at the top of the page, indicating where to put it.)
  4. Permesso di Soggiorno requirements. Bring your passport, about 150 euro, and the unsealed, completed kit back to the post office with the following additional documents inside (press the same letter, “F,” at the ticket machine):
    • A photocopy of the visa page and photo page of your passport
    • A photocopy of proof of financial security. This can be the same proof you used when you applied for your visa: a letter from your parents, front/back photocopies of your credit card, and/or photocopies of your bank statement.
    • A photocopy of the official enrollment letter from your school or university with the stamp from the Italian consulate (you got this when your visa application was returned)
    • A photocopy of proof of medical insurance. Internationally valid insurance is necessary for all students, regardless of the national insurance coverage you have at home. For instructions on how to get INA insurance once you arrive in Italy, click here.
  5. Upon verifying all documents in your completed Kit, the post office will give you a piece of paper with the date and time of your appointment at the Questura (Police Headquarters), where you will receive your official Permesso di Soggiorno card. The appointment is usually for at least one month after your date of application.
  6. Bring the following documents to your appointment at the Questura, located at Via della Fortezza, 17:
    • The piece of paper with the date and time of appointment you received at the post office
    • Passport
    • 4 passport-sized photos (you can get these at one of the many outdoor photobooths around town. In Florence, there’s on on the corner of Via Ghibellina and Via Verdi and one outside the post office in Piazza Della Repubblica)
    • ALL the original documents from the list above (what you included in your Kit envelope at the post office)
    • Extra money and/or Snacks and Drinks (You could be waiting for up to 6 hours! Come prepared. There are vending machines inside, but sometimes that’s not enough!)
    • Something to do (a book to read, Italian homework, a smart phone to play with)


Now that you have all the information to fill out your Permesso di Soggiorno Italy you can proceed!

Before filling out the Permesso di Soggiorno application we recommend you take a look at the website of the Polizia di Stato. Follow this link. »» Additional, up-to-date information from the Polizia di Stato (available in Italian only!)