Getting Familiar with Padova, Italy: Best time of year to go

You may not be as familiar with Padova, Italy as you are with other famous Italian cities, but it is one of Italy’s oldest established cities and is full of historical architecture, museums and beautiful gardens. So, exactly where is Padova, Italy? Padova is located in the Northeast region of Italy, called Veneto. You only need about 45 mins to get from Padova, Italy to Venice making Venice a great day trip option. Not to mention Venice’s Marco Polo is the nearest airport to Padova, Italy.  On this page you will find a Padova, Italy map to help you navigate this small and beautiful city.

StudentsVille has created an extensive list of apartments for rent in Padova Italy if you're looking for hotels in Padova, Italy, houses for rent in Padova, Italy, as well as hostels in Padova, Italy. We know there are so many options when traveling, that we wanted to give you a narrowed down list of what we think are the best hostels Padova, Italy and the best hotels in Padova, Italy. We have also included some hotels near Padova, Italy in the case that you don’t want to use Padova as your main base. You will find that the Padova, Italy train station is located on the Milan-Venice line, making it very easy to travel elsewhere during your stay.

So, exactly what is there to do in Padova, Italy? Don’t worry! We have made a list of the top things to do in Padova, Italy including the basilica of St. Anthony Padova PD Italy. We have included all of the Padova Italy tourist information that you might be looking for. Besides hotel information, maps and things to see, we have included restaurant suggestions, basic info such as Padova, Italy time zone, weather in the area, local events and much much more. Happy planning!