Genoa, Italy Bar and Genoa Nightlife: The Complete List

There are plenty of things to do in Genoa, and after all of the sites and museums have been seen, there's a great nightlife in Genoa waiting for you. No matter the type of person you are and the type of night you are looking to have, Genoa drinking and nightlife has it. From simple bars for wine and beer to beach side clubs for cocktails and dancing, you will find it here.

For our visitors looking for a cozy Genoa, Italy bar, one that will transport you to another time or make you feel right at home, you’ll want to give these a go:

  • Britannia Pub - located in Vico della Casana, this traditional English pub offers a wide array of beers and will make you feel right at home in its warm and homey atmosphere.
  • Birreria Hofbrauhaus - Gulp down a Bavarian beer and snack on pretzels at this birreria that opened in 2005, becoming the first Birreria Hofbrauhaus in Europe that wasn’t in Germany.
  • Taberna Storica degli Alabardieri - located in Vico Vegetti, Genoa’s oldest section, you will find a large selection of wines and good quality beers to taste in this medieval feeling tavern. Here you can also enjoy live music.
  • Hemingway’s Pub -  don’t let the word pub confuse you. To spice things up, both figuratively and literally, come and try their rum infused cocktails (they have over 100 types of rum) and international beers, all while being transported to Cuba, that Hemingway loved so.  
  • Cantine Matteotti - a small wine bar hidden away in the historical center of Genoa. Here in Archivolto Baliano, you will find some great local wines ready to be poured just for you.

genoa italy bar: the complete list

For those looking for a bit of a livelier setting full of your classic cocktails, check these out:

  • Les Rouges - run by three red-headed brothers, you’ll find a mix of high quality cocktails, wine and bubbles and a kitchen always open for your drinking and dining pleasure.
  • Mako Disco - overlooking the water, here you get a 3-in-1 deal; restaurant, cocktail bar and nightclub full of dancing.
  • Estoril Beach Club - located directly on the beach, you’ll find Estoril is often considered a best bar in Genoa, Italy.  With food, cocktails, great selection of beers, and dancing - you’ll without a doubt enjoy your time here.

Genoa hipster guide: the best hipster bars

If you want to drink a coffee in the best hipster bar of Genoa, read Studentsville staff's top 3:

One of the best bars in Genoa.
Thanks to its three floors, the bar is always able to offer a place to sit and study or chat while sipping or eating something.

Beautiful bar in the historic centre of Genoa: a small place but full of goodness, innovation, specialties and taste.

Beautiful loser is a charming lounge bar: informal, great food, crazy cocktails, friendly staff, lively atmosphere.


With every good night, comes the morning after. Not always the fun part, but usually well worth it from the great time you had the night before. You’ll definitely be wanting a coffee and pastry from bar pasticceria Cavo Genova; one of the best versions of a classic Italian coffee bar with homemade pastries. A good option for your brunch, Genova style.