Genoa Attractions: Monuments, Museums, and What to do Around this Famous Port City

There is so much more to this port city then pesto and focaccia, and while those two things are worth the visit alone, here is an extensive list of Genoa attractions that you should check out.

Genoa, Italy attractions have become, slowly but surely, more and more popular as a revitalization of the city has taken place over the recent years. Take a look below at the monuments, museums and sites that are must-sees ( read more about  the complete guide to discover the city port of Genoa)

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Genoa Monuments:

  • House of Christopher Columbus – rebuilt over the old location of the house that Christopher Columbus grew up in, here you can see how this famous explorer grew up.  
  • Monument of Christopher Columbus – located in Piazza Acquaverde you will find his monument erected just near the main train station.
  • Monument of Garibaldi – located in Piazza de Ferrari – see the man who helped unify Italy.

Genoa Museums:

Many of Genoa’s museums you will be able to find on the famous Via Garibaldi or “Strada Nuova” including:

  • Palazzo Bianco – a beautiful Genoese palace containing artwork from artists around Europe.
  • Palazzo Rosso – a noble home decorated with intricate furnishings and famous artwork collected over two centuries.
  • Palazzo Doria Tursi – home to famous items such as Paganini’s violin, collection of coins from the old republic of Genoa, and so much more.

Other notable Genoese museums:

  • Galata Maritime Museum – learn the history of sailors, passengers and of navigation in chronological order.
  • Palazzo Reale – or “Royal Palace,” was home to the Balbi family and is now a museum full of art, sculptures, and frescoes all displayed in an impressive mansion.

genoa attractions

Genoa Attractions:

  • Genoa Aquarium – visit the biggest aquarium in Europe and see everything from penguins and sharks to amphibians and birds.
  • Genoa Lighthouse – climb the world’s 5th tallest lighthouse (249 ft) and Genoa’s main symbol and landmark.
  • Bigo Elevator –  be elevated 131 ft. by this unique modern structure, for a panoramic view and history of Genoa.
  • San Lorenzo Cathedral – Genoa’s most important church and home of the Museo del Tesoro.

Genoa Tours:

  • For personalized private tours run by locals, check out Tours by Locals
  • For all other tour options, including buses, segways and bikes check out the tours and trips page on

Want to find out what kind of Genoa exhibitions and fairs are happening while you’re in town? Click here for an up-to-date calendar on all local events.  

Come to Genoa and create your own experience. You will be glad that you did!