Communications Intern Natalie Roth

Enthusiast, dreamer, explorer, and lover of the outdoors.

Living life on the bright side.

Natalie decided to travel to Florence and intern for Studentsville, so she could seize an opportunity to combine two of her passions: communications and culture. A summer in Florence is definitely a step outside her comfort zone, as she is accustomed to her home state of Indiana where she is soon to graduate from Butler University.

Not only does she want to see Florence, as most tourists do; she wants to live like the locals. From learning the history to keeping up with the latest fashion trends, Natalie will explore how a young American woman can truly experience the Italian way of life.

Coming to a foreign city alone can be a challenge at times, but with an open mind to new ideas and cultures it can be the best thing that will ever happen to you. So, check out my:

…or, catch me on LinkedIn or Twitter for more of everything Florence—coffee, gelato, food, customs, fashion, nightlife, and culture—so that all who travel abroad can experience la dolce vita in Italia