Escuelas de Arte Visual Moderno en Florencia

Are your tastes too modern for studying historic arts? Why not try a course in photography, animation, comics, video & filmmaking, film acting, multimedia?

Modern Visual Arts Schools in Florence

IED Istituto Europeo di Design


Via M. Bufalini 6/r - 50122 Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 29821

For the last fifty years, IED has educated generations of successful professionals in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Management. An international network of higher education, IED has campuses in Italy, Spain, Brazil, and China.

The IED Florence 2,380 square-meter campus opened in 2008, with the overall goal of educating highly-specialized individuals capable of raising the creative bar in Tuscany. They offer three-year bachelors, Masters, evening, custom, year-long and summer courses - in Italian and English.

Their innovative Florence program attracts young people from more than 90 countries, and works in collaboration with well-known Tuscan and International companies, as well as regional artisans; offering students internship opportunities and ensuring innovative, high-quality stimuli that's always up-to-date in the evolving worldwide market.

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Scuola di Cinema Indipendente

Website  (in Italian)

Via Ruggero Bardazzi, 17 - Firenze

The National Film School of Florence was founded in 1999 by Salvatore Vitiello. The purpose of the school is to give to all those who “love” cinema the opportunity to create, produce or act in their own short and full-length films.

The school’s philosophy is to let the students express themselves creatively in a stimulating environment. The student should be able to identify with the work that he or she is producing because it is our belief that in this industry, no matter what you create, it has to have conviction.

The school’s name derives from this motto, “National Independent Film School”. It is also a way for us to search out and value new ideas; which are sometimes overlooked by the current film industry.

New York Film Academy in Florence


Palazzo Apollonia, Firenze
100 East 17th Street New York, New York 10003
Phone: +1 (212) 674-4300
Fax: +1 (212) 477-1414

Students who have their home base in our Florence location have at their disposal an unprecedented cultural and artistic opportunity. Students have the option of shooting or acting in their second and third films in Venice and Rome, or staying and shooting in glorious Florence...

The New York Film Academy has an open enrollment. Serious students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. No previous experience is required. However, all New York Film Academy Workshops are extremely intensive. Students who enroll should be prepared to live and breathe filmmaking during these workshops. Given the nature of filmmaking and the necessity of working in crews, students must be willing to devote themselves not only to their own projects, but to their classmates' projects as well. As space is limited, we recommend early application to guarantee a place in the workshop of your choice....

Scuola Cinema Immagina Florence

Website (in Italian)

Via Borgo della Stella 11/R
Phone/Fax: +39 055 283282
Cell: +39 338 141 9266

The Cinema School "Immagina" was born in 1994 thanks to a group of actors, directors and writers but above all thanks to the enthusiasm of an independent film director, Giuseppe Ferlito.

The Schoolrespecting independent thoughts, teaches the language of cinema and ways of representing reality. Even if it's possible to teach the ideas, it can be tough transforming them into cinema: how to write them, how to move the camera, how to direct the actors in order to express complete ideas, concepts, and feelings that we have in the head and in the heart.

The Laboratory practice is the principal part of the school, where students of various courses are working together, constructing together a sort of creative interactions with the precise aim to bring the product to an end. The interdisciplinary opens a dialogue between the several sections, already from the first lessons on the students have the possibility begin a deep collaboration based on a common project.

Beside the usual creative course in short film production, our films are sent to various festivals of independent cinema each year. The school also gives its students the experience and emotion of a real cinematographic set, including the realization of full-length films that enter the normal cinematographic circuit.

SACI Studio Arts College International


Via Sant’Antonino, 11 - 50123 Firenze, Italy
Phone: +39 055 289 948
Fax: +39 055 2776 408

Courses in 3D animation, multimedia, photography and video as well as many other in the fine, performance and decorative arts; design; liberal arts; and Italian language.

SACI’s mission is to provide a unique, life-enhancing study-abroad experience in the center of Florence for students of both traditional and contemporary studio arts and design by offering:

  • Direct access to centuries of Florentine and Italian culture;
  • A wide range of art and design studio and complementary academic courses of outstanding quality;
  • The opportunity to be part of an institution engaged in leading areas of research and exploration;
  • The unparalleled opportunity to interact with the Florentine community through a variety of social and humanitarian programs

Lorenzo De' Medici Italian International Institute


Via Faenza, 43 - 50123 Firenze, Italia
Ph: +39 055 283142 / +39 055 287203 / +39 055 287360
Fax: +39 055 289514 / +39 055 2398920

30 years of International Education

Founded in 1973, the school was one of the very first in Florence to specialize in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. Situated right in the historic centre and housed in a former convent dating back to the medieval period (the adjacent thirteenth century church of San Jacopo Corbolini is integrated into the school complex) the LdM provides a wide range of modern conveniences such as a cafeteria, air-conditioning, reading/computer rooms and an attractive courtyard garden.

In affiliation with The Art Institute of Florence, we offer a wide range of Studio Art courses at all levels including photography, film, video and multimedia production, in addition to painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, interior, graphic and fashion design, fashion marketing and merchandising, jewelry design, printmaking, fine art restorations, ceramics, theater, music, dance, and cooking.

The school guarantees high-quality teaching and services provided: we are authorized by the MINISTRY OF PUBLIC EDUCATION and are members of the following associations and federations: ASILS, FEDE, FIYTO, EAIE, ALTO, ELIA

Firenze Arte Visive - School of Fine Arts


Borgo Santa Croce, 8 - 50122 Florence
Phone: (+39) 055 246 6868
Mobile: (+39) 334 902 9153
Fax: (+39) 055 246 6868

Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts was shaped by artists as an innovative studio arts and Italian culture program bringing forth new ideas and different approaches to living and learning in Florence, Italy. Through our dynamic exhibitions and visiting artists programs, we educate and encourage students who will become working artists of significance in local and global culture.

We offer courses in video, photography, and digital media, Super8 film, and web design in addition to painting, drawing, and sketching, printmaking, etching, lithography, letterpress, hand press, book works, typography, Italian studies and language.

Comics School International -  Accademia delle Arti Figurative e Digitali

Website  (in Italian)

Via del Corso 1 - 50122 
Phone: +39 055 218 950 / +39 055 239 9592
Fax: +39 055 267 6344

The International School of Comics, Academy of Figurative and Digital Arts, was born in 1979, and was founded by the cartoonist Dino Caterini - to this day General Director - one of the most i

maginative and imaginative Italian comics artists, a veritable volcano of ideas and initiatives. The well-known factory of new talents, born as a comics and screenplay studio, has gradually expanded its skills and potential to become a brand of guarantee.

Over the years the Academy has increased its activity, inserting new courses and consolidating and updating its didactic programs that have been expanded and extended to the fields of illustration, graphics, 2D and 3D cartoon, 3D graphics, web design. Now its offices are in Rome, Florence, Jesi, Turin, Pescara, Padua and Reggio Emilia.

Florence International Film School

Official Website

Piazza della Repubblica 5
Florence, Italy 50123

Italy: +39 331 888 3350​

USA: +1 502 821 1559

Florence International Film School is located in the direct center of Florence and offers a new perspective on film and acting. Offering a masters program, 4-week intensive course and a 1 year certificate in professional film development, the team at at the Florence International Film School believe in creating an education that connects art with the creative spirit.

In addition to the programs offered, they incorporate and provide workshops in performance art, dance & movement, yoga & meditation, among others. Their main focus is to work on developing ones inner artist through growth and exploration. Experienced mentors from all around the world teach the courses offered by this film school.

Florence Classical Arts Academy

Official Website

Via Giuseppe Galliano, 78, 50144 Florence FI

Phone: 393318172804 / 055366144


Founded in Florence in 2009 from the inspiration of our Russian Director Molugova Nadezhda and Academicians, the Academy is strategically located in the Italian city of Florence; an ideal place where to learn and develop art and live a life in which each day the eye is caught by the historical beauties of the historical Italian art, a place where to live and experience the true “dolce vita”.

Our  Teaching Method was born 300 years ago when Russian artists developed it, inspired mainly from Italian and French Masters from Renaissance and later periods. Various famous artists contributed to this method and among them: Repin, Surikov, Serov, Levitan, Vasnetsov and Kuindzhi.

The Mission of Our Academy is to build on such great traditions and help students to explore new ways, just as the first “Avant-garde” artists did at their time. That means expressing themselves in new ways through a deep understanding of techniques, gained through an integrated academic approach.
Our Professors are skilled artists graduated from top Russian academies. We have a very friendly environment where students are required to work intensively but with our professors always ready to listen, guide and encourage.
Due to their experience they are able to assist the students by helping them to express their potential and become professional artists, working on subjects as: Painting, Drawing, Anatomy, Composition, Chromatics, Perspective and History of Art.