Bologna Italy City Guide

Bologna Italy, one of the most important University cities in all of Italy, and also one of the best places to eat in as well. Now don’t worry too much about what to do in Bologna Italy, because at StudentsVille we make sure that you can find a comprehensive list of restaurants in Bologna Italy, a collection of hotels in Bologna, and not just that we can also help you with finding bars, universities that accept exchange students, and other useful information that can help you while in Bologna Italy. Most importantly though is the fact that we can help you find the best apartment that can cater to your needs, you can find locations to rent all over the city.

You might be wondering “What is Bologna Italy known for?” well, the answer might surprise you, because the main reason Bologna is renown in the world is that it has the oldest University of Western Civilization, what better place to study than there. Also, Bologna is known for its great nightlife and food, and I won’t stress enough the fact that food is one of the best things about it. So, while you’re passing your time in Bologna Italy, do keep an eye out for our best restaurant in Bologna page.


Maybe you’re not here as a student, but as a visitor, don’t worry because we can help you find the best hotels in Bologna, or maybe you’re a student that has to look for hotels in Bologna Italy for your parents when they decide to come and visit. Whatever is the case you shouldn’t go crazy about it because you can find all of the information you need right here on StudentsVille.

So what are the things to do in Bologna Italy? Bologna has a lot to offer to a variety of different tastes, being a university city you’ll find that it really caters to all of your needs. Maybe you don’t want to stay in town every day and wish to see some of the countrysides around it, and maybe you want to get there yourself, in that case, you can check out our car rental Bologna Italy page, this way you’re free to go wherever you please without having to worry about time and connections. You might also want to check out the weather Bologna Italy blog post we wrote, this way you’ll know what time of the year is worth the drive or if you should stay in town. If that’s the case then you need to get your hands on our Bologna Italy map at least you have all the places you need to visit pre-marked on Google Maps.

Once you’ve decided which flights to Bologna Italy you are buying, get yourself to one of the various Bologna Hotels and enjoy your stay in the first University City of Western Civilization.  Maybe while you’re at your Bologna Hotel you’ll start to learn what is the correct Bologna Italy pronunciation, but if you still have doubts just ask us.