Bologna Events: the complete Studentsville event list calendar

Bologna is the capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna, one of the most lively places in all of Italy, full of culture and art. So, it’s not so easy to keep up with everything going on in the city – the so-called “bologna event calendar”: bologna events, bologna concerts, bologna art exhibitions, bologna festivals.

We took care of that: StudentsVille staff has drawn up a detailed bologna events calendar of all Bologna events. You’ve never missed anything.

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Piazza Maggiore Bologna

What's happening in Bologna "la Dotta"

In this page you get to know Bologna Italy calendar: a list all bologna events.

  • Thanks to Mibact’s initiative “Io vado al Museo” Bologna State museums open free on first Sunday of month
  • The beating heart of Bologna are its theaters, cinemas. The best one is Cineteca di Bologna which is one the most important European film libraries, preserves more than 46,000 films, mainly in 35 mm and 16 mm. However, the list of cinemas, theaters is much longer. We will keep you informed about bologna teatro comunale events, upcoming performances in Teatro Duse, Teatro delle Celebrazioni or film screenings at Cinema Odeon, Cinema Tivoli, Cinema Fossolo.

Bologna Art Lucio Dalla

Discovering the best Art, Photography Exhibitions in Bologna

  • The exhibition "Giovanni Boldini, lo sguardo nell'anima", Palazzo Albergati, October 29th 2021 - March 13th 2022

Palazzo Albergati in Bologna - from 29 October 2021 to 13 March 2022 - hosts more than 90 works by Giovanni Boldini. Feminine charm, sumptuous, rustling dresses, the Belle Époque, the salons: this is the overwhelming world of Giovanni Boldini.
Buy tickets for the exhibition "Giovanni Boldini, lo sguardo nell'anima"

Bologna music concert

Music Festivals, Concerts

  • Eels, Estragon, April 2nd 2022

Eels (Mark Oliver Everett's indie-rock project) have written many great songs in the last two decades. You probably have heard "Souljacker Part I" (I mean, it is included in many films - Hot Fuzz, The Condemned...) or "Novocaine for the Soul" many times. Don't miss Eels' concert in Bologna.
Tickets: here.

  • Iron Maiden, Arena Parco Nord, July 7th 2022

Iron Maiden's concert in Bologna (Arena Parco Nord), planned for 20 July 2020 as part of the Bologna Sonic Park and postponed to 24 June 2021, has been rescheduled to 7 July 2022.
Tickets: here.

Historic Torre Asinelli

Festivals, Commemorations

  • Discesa della Madonna di San Luca in May

Every year we celebrate the ancient tradition of the "descent of the Madonna di San Luca", which takes place on May 12th through a procession from the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca to the city centre.