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Bars are famous in Florence for the ingenious 'aperitivo;' around 7pm, many bars offer something to eat for free to the customers (in most cases a buffet, and sometimes almost a dinner)!

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All the top bars in Florence have been deeply studied by our resident nightlife expert: Helen Kershaw from Manchester! Angels, Zoe, Blog, Negroni, Kitsch, Caffé Sant'Ambrogio, Rex, Moyo, Twice, The Lion's Fountain...Trust her! She knows Florence nightlife like no one else!

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Moyo (+Aperitivo)

Via dei Benci, 23 | +39 055 247 9738
During the day, Moyo is the perfect place to study or take advantage of their free WIFI. It has a flawless, modern interior; amazing bowl-sized cappuccinos; a great lunch menu; attentive service; not to mention homemade, strawberry cheesecake! Because of its very central location, casual vibe, and good food and drinks, it's popular among Italians and foreigners. It's a great meeting place between cultures, especially during their comprehensive, themed aperitivi (Italian, Mexican, Japanese) every evening. They play loud music and the place gets crowded, with people spilling out onto the street and patio; but the overall atmosphere remains laid-back and no pressure - even into the late hours of the night.


Via dell'Anguillara, 54/R | +39 055 265 4098
Naima looks like more of a cocktail lounge than a bar, but gets bar-crazy nonetheless. It's very popular among study abroad students, as lots of student travel companies (like Bus2Alps and Florenceforfun) promote it. It has a cool vibe and modern interior area with dimly-lit blue lights. On any given night, it's packed until close (2 a.m.), with people watching sports on one of their flatscreen TVs or hanging out on the couches in the cool lounge room. One reason Naima has so many regulars is because of their amazing drink specials every night. Mondays are Mexican Mondays and anything tequila or sangria related is super cheap. Thursday is Ladies night. Sundays are Sunday Fundays and happy hour continues all night long. Crazy Hour, is from 6-10pm, daily, where pretty much anything to drink costs €2.5! Insanity! The other reason the bar is so popular is Sergio, the owner who becomes friends with nearly everyone who walks into his bar. You'll always see American girls that charmed him into letting them bartend, and everyone snapping pics with Sergio all night. They play typical American pop music, as well as some Italian hits (for the locals there looking to land themselves a new foreign girlfriend). It's one of the few places in Florence that rarely disappoints and is always a good time. 

Negroni (+Aperitivo)

Via dei Renai, 17r | Tel: 055 243647
Directly next-door to Zoe, it wouldn't be surprising if one outweighed the other. However, rather than compromise one another, they compliment each other. Whilst Zoe may be justly considered to be more younger, Negroni maintains a certain esteem amongst Italians as a tasteful retreat to mix with like-minded sophistocrats. Also sporting an outdoor seating area, a more organic feel is emulated here through the use of natural materials in it's décor. There are always people spilling out and around, but you're not going to see any crazy drunk people here. It's a great place to network and people watch. There are some faces you can't help but see time and time again on the Florence circuit; this place is their kind of base. If you want a classy night in a different kind of setting Negroni is recommended. 

Porfirio Rubirosa (+Aperitivo)

Viale Strozzi, 18 | Tel: 055 490 965
Located in front of the Fortezza da Basso is one of the poshest (and arguably snobbiest) bars in town.

Very well (too well, perhaps...) patronized by the bourgeoisie of the city, it is a very en-vogue-bar.
Prices are high, and the atmosphere is a bit cold, the aperitivo is ok, but the drinks are great and the restaurant has fantastic sushi.

Red Garter

Via de' Benci, 33r/35r | 055 248 0909
Red Garter is a huge bar, one could say it's even "club-like," located in the Santa Croce area of Florence. It's right in the middle of the nightlife scene and attracts Italians and foreigners galore. They have a big bar, dance area, and DJ right when you walk in. Even though that might seem like enough, then, there's a hallway that leads to yet another large back room with tables for nights of beer-pong, an upstairs balcony seating area, another dance floor, and a stage for karaoke and DJ's. It is always packed, in part because of all the things to do there, in part because of it's prime location; if you are walking past Piazza Santa Croce, you can't miss Red Garter as there's always a huge crowd out front. The music selection is typical house music and pop music. But when you walk into the back room and karaoke is going on, you never know what you're going to hear from people! The drinks are average priced, definitely not high, and they're made with a pretty good amount of alcohol. Next door is a steak house, House of Sizzle. At night, when they finish serving food, this connecting restaurant turns into an extra seating and hang out area with another bar. Nights at Red Garter are always fun, as there is so much going on everywhere. You're in one room dancing to top 20 hits, and you walk into another and you're surrounded by beer pong players and someone screaming classic rock lyrics on stage. You never know what you're going to get here, so if you want a crazy night to talk about, you're going to love Red Garter. 

REX Café

Via Fiesolana, 25 - 50122 Florence, Italy | Tel: +39 055 2480331
REX is currently celebrating 15 years of success and it is easy to see why. This place boasts some of the finest bar staff in Florence whose experience and skill show in the drinks that they serve. With a wide range of 'nights' including live music and the like to complement the Gaudi-inspired interior, there is such an easy, comfortable atmosphere. The main selling feature of REX has to be its awesome interior. Paintings by local artists cover the two side walls and are on sale, whilst the intriguing back wall is an exposed contorted iron masterpiecemap of the world. The bar is a beautiful circular mosaic island and truly is the heart of this great place. Aperitivo here, like most bars is limited to small snacky bits, but on some nights of the week it would not be unusual to find oysters laid out ever-so-casually on the bar. REX is a place to have good conversations and laughs with friends. 


Lungarno Corsini 14R | 06098180489
Rivalta is a gathering place for the young. In the perfect location, literally along the Arno River, this is a fun bar for aperitivo and onward into the night. Rivalta is especially packed in the summer as there are two indoor bars, an outdoor terrace, and the wall along the river for everyone to mingle around at outside. The interior of Rivalta is very modern and pristine with its all-white tables, casual chairs and minimal but funky art. Not only is the decor around you contemporary, but the aperitivo snacks are just as savvy, with healthy, delicious choices. There are few dishes that come out, usually consisting of potato croquets, rice dishes, sometimes sushi and other fish and the plate of vegetables like carrots and celery. However this is a place where you will find quality over quantity. The aperitivo also varies in size, so if you go on a Monday night you'll probably find less food then if you were to head there on a Friday. Prices are 7 euro for a well-made drink, very generous on the alcohol. The crowd is young and funky, borderline hipster, and they're always having fun. On any given night, if you're walking along the empty street along the Arno River you'll suddenly find yourself right in the middle of a party when you hit Rivalta. The place has a young, fresh, and fun vibe, and is the perfect spot if you're looking for levels of fun like you could have in a club but in a small aperitivo setting. 


Via Ghibellina 80r | Tel: 055 234 5452
Salamanca is a sort of Spanish island in Florence, where you can taste the best sangria, the best paella, and all other treasures of the rich Spanish culinary tradition. By day, Salamanca is a restaurant serving you typical Spanish food. By night, it's a popular bar! It's commonly frequented by Italians, American study abroad students, and the Spanish residents and tourists in Florence. They usually have a DJ, and it can get pretty packed (to the point where it might feel like more of a dance floor then a bar)!
And if you are keen on football (soccer), at Salamanca, you can watch all the most important matches of the 'Liga' on satellite TV! Bienvenido en la noche loca... bienvenido en el Salamanca! 

Shot Café

Via dei Pucci, 5 | Tel: 055 282 093
Not far from the Duomo, this tiny bar is mostly frequented by foreign students because of their extensive and crazy shot list (shots aren't popular with Italians). They have a huge book of hundreds of fun and creative shots to start the night off. And although they're known for the best shots in town, they do offer other typical cocktails and drinks. 

Torre 69

Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 65r | Tel: 055.6580433 / 393.9311789
This newly renovated, sheek Italian bar has a wine bar and wide range of drinks, which are all served with a plate of light snacks. 

They also have a high-class cafe menu, serving appetizers, fish tartar, Italian cold cut plates, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches and daily pastas or other first courses.

In the Summer, the nice patio outside, with a view of Porta San Niccolò, adds even more glamour to the scene of well-dressed, young business professionals...Many Florentines spend their evenings here; you'll find more locals than foreigners.
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